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The Holiday Season is coming to an end with a new year on the horizon. Families are beginning to plan home improvements and spring cleaning for their home or condo, starting with Cullum Homes. When planning for improvements, most people start with necessities and branch out from that point. If you are planning to upgrade the plumbing in the bathroom(s), this is a smart move and while you are upgrading the plumbing, consider replacing tile, or in some cases, adding decorative tile for a counter backsplash.

Bathroom Ideas and Improvements

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Whether your bathroom is small or spacious, think of creating space that is light and bright. Think of color and style that enhances the personal appearance, not colors that create shadows on objects. Think about lighting. As everyone knows wall mirrors strengthened by a row of lights above the mirror will not improve the appearance of anyone. 

Light from above will cast shadows on the face, neck, and body drawing attention to any wrinkles, blotches, and excess weight. Lighting across the top and on each side of the mirror is much more flattering to the observer.

In addition to tile colors and style, think of the bathroom the color of the bathtub, sink, countertops, and cabinets. Of course, a small bathroom will welcome white or off-white in color, projecting a more spacious room and keeping the room illuminating the flow of light.

One thing I have always loved is storing the curling irons, blow dryers, electric toothbrush units and razors out-of-sight and the annoying look of appliance cords dangling everywhere. One solution that works beautifully and enhances the look of the bathroom is to keep those cords hidden, even when plugged in. A solution to this untidy appearance is to refresh the wiring and outlets in your bathroom by installing outlets in vanity drawers in the sink console. 

You can have the electrician update your installation to ensure the power supply to the bathroom is ample for electrical gadgets. In at least two of the drawers you can have installed Power On/Off Switches with plug outlets for your units. 

Open the drawer and you have your appliance ready for use, shut the drawer, and the unit is out-of-sight. The power switch On/Off is an added safety if you forget and leave the unit plugged in. Having the electrical power cut off at the source is an excellent safety measure.

Laundry Area/Laundry Room

washing machine, laundry, tumble drier-2668472.jpg

Think space, think lighting, think comfort, think convenience. Having a place to do your laundry is a financial saving in time and money. 

If you have a closet, and you can live without as storage space, adding plumbing service to the closet is nearby, you have the ideal situation for turning a closet into laundry area by installing a “stackable washer/dryer.” 

You may have to widen your closet if the storage area is too small, but you would only lose a few inches of wall space.

jeans, rope, laundry-936684.jpg

Replace the closet door with either folding louvered doors, or a single louvered door. Remember to install a shelf or storage unit on the door to hold your cleaning supplies. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a large closet, that could be used for the washer/dryer “side-by-side,” can still use the upper section of as a storage area.

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Your diligence in improving your home will be rewarded with a more enjoyable place to live along with a far more enjoyable place to welcome guests. 

You may choose to complete the projects with your family, or you may hire a contractor. Every contractor you work with may bring in more artisans, and your home will increase in value it increases in beauty and function.