Office Design

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Office Design

The kids are off to college, and you have always wanted an office area where you can manage your budget, plan a vacation, or take up writing your memoirs. Design that particular place where you’ll be comfortable. You already have wifi in the house, and all you need to do is transform the kid’s bedroom into a comfortable office/creative space for yourself.

Shelving will be mandatory for books, and a large desk/work table for your creative genius. Maybe a larger window would be nice to capture the creativity from the outdoors or add the illusion of a larger room. Make the room a comfortable sitting room by turning the closet into a desk/work area. When guests arrive, you can close the closet doors, and your work area is off limits and not necessary for you to put everything away.

Plan a small space where the WiFi will be stationed for the entire home, including the garage and outdoor WiFi connections. You will want to have a specific area for the master connections for Cable, Phone, WiFi, possible Backup of household computers and laptops. You will need a designated area where the cable TV system is located, such as an area where a repair person could manage troubleshooting and repair.

Think of using two-drawer lateral filing cabinets for storage and building a desktop the length of the room for added workspace. The ideas are endless in designing a creative workspace and organizing a den at the same time. This bonus room will inspire any person with a spark of creativity to move forward with those ideas of reinventing themselves and possibly writing that novel they’ve long dreamed of writing.

Creating Warmth To The Living Room and Inspiration To The Bedroom

Add a Faux Electric Fireplace with mantle offering the cozy appearance that is guaranteed to keep you warm and add a comfortable look to any room. There are many styles of mantle and ideas for adding this gorgeous, warm, cozy look to your home. You can choose from ultra modern, the aged appearance of an antique structure surrounded by marble or tile; or possibly go for the 20th Century brick wall with the emergence of the chimney, noir style from 1920’s era. Any expressive style you choose will be accompanied by the enchanted look of comfort while adding richness to any room.

You may choose to surround your mantle with bookcases adding the ultimate feel of comfort. A place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or your evening cocktail. Anything you choose to do with your room, a mantle and fireplace add the finishing touch to the décor.