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A Man-Cave For The Guy

So often, the man of the house has no escape, no place to indulge himself in his activities of sports, a place to hang out, and put his feet up. If you have a 2-car garage, and can live with a one car garage, why not turn that precious space into a “Man-cave.”

You may want to start with the flooring. Consider covering the floor/concrete with a sealer. There are many coatings on the market today that seal out moisture, come in attractive colors, and are thick enough to be a finished flooring, or covered with carpet as the final step in completing this Man-cave. Maybe you choose to turn this area into a wet bar area with a pool table, and lounge area for enjoying the sports on his big screen TV. Work with your remodeler and divide the area into the appropriate Man-cave/garage area. Insulate the walls, add a type of heating that can keep the area comfortable in the winter.

Plan your plumbing for the wet bar and possibly a half bath if you have the room. Extend the air conditioning and heating vents from the house to manage the comfort of this area. Be sure to look into a separate entrance to this area for the comfort of your guests. You will want to consider adding a large window to this area to remove the garage look from the décor. It sounds like a lot of work, but the investment is well worth the added value to your home. This will be an excellent recreational area for a Man-cave or a family entertainment center.

There’s An Artist In All Of Us

Turn that attic area into an art studio. Maybe you have always wanted to have your area where you could draw and paint, expanding your creativity, but never thought of turning the wasted space in the attic into the studio of your dreams.

Picture the studio with skylights that allowed natural light into the area all day, and then in the evenings, you had recessed lighting that provided a bright spotlight to the work area. Design this area for convenience and creativity. Finish off the attic, and develop the space for natural lighting using skylights and windows wherever appropriate. Add electrical wiring and outlets as you would for any spare room.

Skylights come in many styles from bubbles to flat panels that are flush with the roof, whether the attic is peaked or flat. Many skylights are screened so that they can be opened, allowing air circulation throughout the area.

This could be the perfect escape area for creativity and expansion of artistic design.

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