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Thinking For The Elderly

Last but Most Important When Living With Older Members Of The Family

Think of the older family members and the accessibility they have to move around the house, when you decide bathroom remodeling phoenix az type. Possibly they have difficulty opening and shutting doors. Knobs become difficult as people age when manipulating door knobs with arthritis. Think about having all the door knobs changed to attractive handles. Changing door knobs to handles is a minor expense, yet eases painful movement for the elderly.

Replace all the keys to the back door, front door, garage door, etc. with one master key. Why have so many keys to your home, reduce confusion and ability to enter each door with one key.

Also, consider a combination lock for the doors and gates. These are delightful door knobs or handles that are operated by push button combination or key, or both. Maybe this would be easier for children and older people who forget their keys and have no other way of entering the premises. With a combination options lock, they would have access anytime. The combinations can be quickly and easily changed for security purposes, but access in an emergency could be obtained via the telephone.

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